What is the STORM Team?

STORM Team stands for Special Team Of Role Models. They are a select few students who have been invited to join. It is a course designed for creating community leaders and instructors. The skills you will be learning will help you in every aspect of life and are desirable attributes for any job that you may want to pursue. Some of these qualities are:

- Confidence                                      - Planning

- Leadership                                      - Positive role model

- Conflict resolution                            - Public speaking

- Organizational skills                         - Reliability

The Storm Team Members train additional to their classes and assist in at least one class per week. They have invested extra time into their training and want to go above and beyond towards helping others. Warrior MMA is teaching them how to be a Leader of the Youth and be a Role Model in our Academy. We want to empower the Storm Team to make a difference!

We want to empower them to be the voice of our youth. We want them to be the positive Role Models in our Academy for our students to look up to. We want them to be the leaders. We want them to know that you can make a difference and change people’s lives for the better. We want them to find your Internal Warrior Strength and teach others how to as well!