Warrior Pat Clark

Warrior Pat started boxing in his Dad's Gym at Campbelltown as just a wee kid at the tender age of 3 years old! He spent his years growing up in the gym at Campbelltown and North Sydney Police Boys having a few fights in the ring over the years. He soon moved up to the Central Coast to have a change in lifestyle and just started playing Footy.

He soon found he had been missing Boxing too much and started training on and off over the years with various locals. " I guess I got board of just using my hands and wanted to try kickboxing or karate but then I found MMA . I trained out of a local MMA gym for a year and a half which was a lot of hard sparing and egos Thats when I walked in to warrior and here I am I've learnt much more than I ever thought I would".

Pat has found himself at home at Warrior and really loves the atmosphere. He has noticed significant changes not just in himself but also his son. Pat now feels more at peace with himself and reassurance he doesn't need to box on with somebody if the need ever arose, he could simply secure the person until help arrived or enough to get away.