Warrior Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Here at the Warrior Mixed Martial Arts Academy we have created our Martial Art style as an all round mixed martial arts, taking influence from the Chinese, Brazilian, Thai, Okinawan & Western Styles. We have combined the best aspects of all arts to make a whole style at Warrior Mixed Martial Arts Academy.


Our style/school name, Naibu Senshi,or 内部戦士 translates to Internal Warrior in the Japanese Dialect. This is to reflect the strength every person has inside them, for overcoming your own personal fears. It is also to symbolize the virtues of a Bushido Warrior;Respect, Integrity, Heroic Courage, Honour, Compassion, Loyalty & Honesty. These symbols are also displayed in our logo.

We believe in bringing Martial Arts and Fitness together in a fun family orientated environment. We treat each of our students with respect and as part of our family, not just another number. We strive for black belt excellence from all of our students. "Black belt and white belt are the same, white belt is the beginning of technique – Black Belt is the beginning of understanding. Both are beginner belts"

We regularly hold events outside of our regular training schedule with additional training days, along with family outings.  We believe and strive for an extended family to be one with the community. We want to show the world what difference a positive force can make. We have a lot of fun in all of our classes and event's you can have a look at our gallery for a snippet of the fun we have shared.

At Warrior Mixed Martial Arts Academy we have classes starting from as young as 4 years of age with our Little Warrior program. Transitioning from Little Warriors we have Juniors starting from 7/8 years of age before they move into our Teens/Adults program. We

Warrior Mixed Martial Arts Academy