Sensei Tony

Sensei Tony Carter first started his journey to Black Belt Excellence through Shihan Robbie Briggs in Sawtell, Coffs Harbour at the age of 12 In Sensei Tony's words as to why he started martial arts; "I started martial arts to overcome my personal fears, to build confidence in myself and to learn how to defend myself, as I am legally blind being bullied was something I dealt with on a daily basis. Through martial arts I overcame my fears, I became more aware of all my surroundings and built the confidence to face my bullies."

When Sensei Tony started training he was not sure where his Martial Art Journey would end. Sensei Tony soon discovered he was extremely passionate about Martial Arts and would start endeavoring to learn as much as possible. With completing group classes and also personal tution from Shihan Robbie, Tony soon developed a greater confidence within himself as all of his family would reflect upon and started sharing his knowledge with newer students. This is where Tony really found his passion, in teaching others. Bringing students who have little to no self confidence, who have no skills, who have no belief in themselves to show them what they can achieve, to help build their confidence and create a warrior within.

Over the years he has studied with many great grand masters learning the arts of Kenpo, Wing Chun and Brazilian Ju Jitsu along with doing tasters in Tae Kwon Do, Zen Do Kai, Eagle Claw Boxing, Boxing, Muay Thai and many other arts.

Sensei Tony is a father to two beautiful girls and one handsome young boy. He has recently married Sensei Kasi who he met through Martial Arts over 12 years ago. They are  soul mates and have created their beautiful family and life together.

Prior to starting a full time martial art school Sensei Tony was the only qualified chef working fulltime in Australian Restaurants. Together he and Sensei Kasi bought and ran their own Café/Takeaway located in Gwandalan. Upon finding out Sensei Kasi was pregnant with their third child, they decided to sell the café and endeavor to create a more family orientated business.

Sensei Tony has also completed his Certificate IV in Sport and Recreation, Certificate III in Fitness, Senior First Aid and is about to complete Certificate IV in Fintess