Sensei Kasi

Sensei Kasi Carter started martial arts at the age of 9 under the guidance of Kyoshi Davis Massey. In Sensei Kasi's words as to why she started martial arts; "After hearing my dad talk about martial arts for years on end (He was a former Zen Do Kai student in his younger years) I thought I would give it a go when my friends said they were going along.I started martial arts with a few of my friends from school for something different. I wasn't interested in the "normal" sports offered for kids my age, after trying soccer, dancing, gymnastics and touch football , I found my niche in martial arts. It combined everything I loved, it kept me physically active, pushed my body to reach new limits, taught me lots of new skills and I was made apart of the martial art community family.".
Sensei Kasi has spent many years studying various martial arts. Predominantly Kempo and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. After meeting Sensei Tony through martial arts it seemed only fitting to bring their career into martial arts. After having a few years off from changing careers and starting a family. Sensei Kasi is thoroughly enjoying their newfound work-life balance allowing her more freedom to spend time with the family and continue her martial art training. Something that had to take a back burner previously.
Sensei Kasi has also completed her Certificate IV in Sport and Recreation, Certificate III in Fitness, Senior First Aid and holds her Certificate IV in Fitness.