Kyoshi Noah Magnus

Warriors Academy is lucky to have Kyoshi Noah Magnus training one day per week. Kyoshi Noah has so much knownledge and information to empart on his students and has been a prominent figure around the Central Coast for many years. Kyoshi Noah has a beautiful wife and three stunning girls. Kyoshi Noah believes "Martial Arts can give you something that can improve you as a person and never be taken away. Martial Arts improves a person's core, improves the world within in, and in turn, improves the world beyond. Growing up I enjoyed training with my family, through Martial Arts I have made lifelong friends, met my wife, travelled around the world and been involved in elite level competition. I have witnessed Martial Artists become b

etter versions of themselves and in turn watched them prosper. I have watched their passion grow in their students and enjoyed sharing their journey. Our Dojo's uphold the core values of the Bushido. this includes the values of Strength - to overcome that which would try to overcome us, Courage to try regardless if we fail to try again, and Honour - to be good people along the way, to keep the promises we make to our selves. To me it is no surprise that throughout history people from all countries have practiced Martial Arts. I am thankful for all, that my Martial Arts has provided me and I believe anyone can benefit from learning Martial Arts. "

Noah Magnus is a 6th Dan and holds the rank of Kyoshi. Rank and title awarded by the International Budo Sports in 2010 for his ongoing contributions to Karate, Ju Jitsu and Viadal. He also holds a 4th Dan in Ninjustu, 3rd Dan in Pankration, 3rd Dan in Ju Jitsu and 2nd Dan in Karate. He has been a former professional MMA fighter and champion in Karate, Ju jitsu, Ground Fighting, Shoot Fighting, Viadal, Pankration, and Total Fighting. Noah has trained, coached and competed around the world and produced a number of world champions. He is proficient in the use and defense of most weapon systems. Noah was formally a control & restraint instructor and taught methods of non-violent restraint to Security Operatives and Law Enforcement Personal.

Noah is Australian born of Malaysian Irish decent and the son of a Martial Artist who was a Boxer and served in the Malaysian Military. Noah grew up enjoying the various arts of Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, Kempo, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Silat, Savate, Arnis, Judo & Ju Jitsu. Noah was the youngest to receive his Shodan (black belt) under Shihan Mike Tatolli in 1994, Noah was one of the pioneers in Australia competing in MMA in the 90's and also fighting in Rings & Shooto events. Noah was the first Pankration champion at the Olympic trials in 2000 for the expected entry to the 2004 Olympic Games and is still currently ranked 3rd in the World. Noah was the first and undefeated Total Fighting Champion. Noah has been employed as a Security Operative and manager for over 20 years, servicing some of Australia's largest and most successful clients.

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