Central Coast Little Warriors MMA 4 to 7 years

Our Central Coast Little Warriors MMA 4 to 7 years Active Kid's Program has been designed for children 4 to 7 years of age at Warrior's Mixed Martial Art Academy. Not only will your child learn basic mixed martial art skills, they will learn how to defend themselves and more importantly they will learn valuable life skills under the careful guidance of our specially trained instructors.LittleWarrior

Your children will learn priceless life skills in a fun, friendly, welcoming atmosphere that will encourage your child to build self confidence, respect, self control, manners, discipline, basic motor skills along with hand eye co-ordination and the importance of teamwork. We regularly encourage the use of their "loud" voices, invite parents/grand parents/siblings/ helper's onto the mat to train alongside the children to enhance their experience.

LittleWarrior3By enrolling your child into the Central Coast Little Warriors MMA 4 to 7 years program at Warrior's Mixed Martial Art Academy, you will also be increasing your child's concentration, coordination and fitness levels. You will notice a change in your child within weeks! All of these skills are an invaluable asset to your child helping them reach other goals in daily life.

We believe every child has the strength within them to be a Warrior and we are here to help them unleash it. Being between 4 to 7 years of age we see a lot of student's who are quiet shy, social quiet, very dependent upon mum/dad/sibling to feel welcomed onto the mat. We are completely fine with the children and how long it takes for them to feel comfortable. We also know they have a very limited attention span so we aim to have our class highly energetic and very engaging for the children.

Our program also has a Message Of The Week, which addresses a new theme each week. Our primary focus for this age, is to develop and implement your child's gross motor skills, listening skills and teaching the basics of Martial Arts. Upon graduation from The Little Warrior's Program your child will then continue seemlessly into theJunior Program at Warrior's Mixed Martial Art Academy. LittleWarrior2

Central Coast Little Warriors MMA 4 to 7 years